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We Utilise the best teaching resources and the advantages of the Internet to provide affordable education to everyone.

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Learning at Home

No needs to travel, save the time and money spent on road. Learning at familiar and comfortable environment is alway important to young learners.

Learning at Own Time

If you can't listen to the class on time, you can always listen to it later. You can listen repeatedly and leave your questions or comments to the class.

Learning from Top Tutors

Our tutors are highly qualified. Using the advantages of Internet teaching, we gather the best teaching rescourses for children all over the world.

Logical Thinking

Our society has never developed so fast in the past ten years. Learning logical thinking (NOT exam coaching) will help a child to face the future challenges.

Mathematical Thinking

We show children the beauty and simplicity of mathematics. Learn to think mathematically will help a child to solve problems both in the classroom and in the real life.

Diverse Thinking

We will show the children how to use different methods to approach the same maths problem which will inspire them to solve real life problems independently and confidently.

Featured Classes

We currently offer various classes of mathematics and English.

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Our Team

Meet our teaching team

We will use our outstanding teaching resources to help the children all over the world to learn how to think independently and logically.


Dr Jun Zhao

Creative writing is a key ability which can open a door to a whole new world.


Mrs Ince

Children should learn knowledge not only from the textbooks but also from the real world.