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Learn from the best Tutors

Our tutors are all highly qualified with rich teaching experiences. Instead of spoon-feeding to the pupils, we inspire them to think. We train them with the logical thinking skills which will help them to solve the real life problems in the future.

Dr Zhao has a PhD degree in mathematics and has been teaching maths for over 10 years. He uses different approach which helps the children to realise the simplicity and beauty of maths. Instead of spoon-feeding, he uses the knowledge of mathematics to help them to learn to think independently and logically.


Mrs Ince is an English teacher, writer and stage actress. Using her writing and teaching experiences, and collaborating with Dr Zhao, she made teaching plans in the past academic terms which had helped many pupils to improve their grades as well as to develop solid reading and writing skills

English teacher


Being a former BBC broadcaster, as well as a qualified ELS teacher, Ani has been teaching Phonics, Weekly News and Grammar classes for us for many terms. Learning from her standard accent and her accute insight regarding the global news, our pupils had improved their knowledge levels profoundly.

English teacher

As an elocution teacher, Matt uses his special magnetic voice to read picture books for children who need to have a virtual English language environment. His interpretation using his voice had been brought many of the fairytale figures to live. He also teaches the pronounciation class.

Elocution teacher

Paul has joined us since the Autumn term 2017. He has been leading some well known primary schools to achieve outstanding results in the past. Being a maths teacher, he is patient, thorough and clear. He gives plenty exercies in the class as well as homework.

Maths teacher

Mrs Xu is in charge of our timetable and communication within and outside the class.